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Conservation and the Environment

... to conserve the gifts of nature

From its beginning in 1920, the Garden Club of Virginia has directed public attention to conservation issues around the state by establishing Conservation as its first standing committee. Through that committee, the GCV pledged to conserve natural resources, plant trees and deal with pests and pesticides. Today, the Garden Club of Virginia is still leading the way by focusing attention on conservation issues through educational leadership initiatives and legislative involvement.

The GCV Conservation and Environmental Studies Fellowship was established in 2014 to support research in areas relating to the conservation of natural resources and/or environmental studies concerning flora, fauna or community (cultural practices) that directly impact the Commonwealth of Virginia.   Learn more...

Once thought to be a problem only on farms or in lawns, invasive plants are now recognized as a threat to natural areas, parks, forests, and other sites in a more or less natural state. Land managers, weed scientists, foresters, ecologists, and other conservationists are joining together to face this challenge in ways that help conserve native species and natural communities and protect environmental quality.   Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) is an aggressive, invasive vine that crowds out and kills native vegetation. Concurrent with the proliferation of oriental bittersweet, the native congeneric vine American bittersweet (C. scandens) has declined throughout its natural range, especially along the east coast where the oriental bittersweet invasion is oldest and most thorough. Efforts to control oriental bittersweet and conserve American bittersweet are complicated by the potential of hybridization between the two species and the difficulty of distinguishing plants in the absence of reproductive structures.    Photo of oriental bittersweet by Stacey Leicht Young, USGS


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