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From its beginning in 1920, the Garden Club of Virginia has directed public attention to conservation issues around the state by establishing Conservation as its first standing committee. Through that committee, the GCV pledged to conserve natural resources, plant trees and deal with pests and pesticides. Today, the Garden Club of Virginia is still leading the way by focusing attention on conservation issues through educational leadership initiatives and legislative involvement.

The GCV Conservation and Environmental Studies Fellowship was established in 2014 to support research in areas relating to the conservation of natural resources and/or environmental studies concerning flora, fauna or community (cultural practices) that directly impact the Commonwealth of Virginia.   Learn more...

The Nottoway River and Dendron Swamp along the Blackwater River support Virginia's finest bald cypress - tupelo swamps. Canopy trees are consistently over 30 meters tall for a distance of two miles along the Blackwater River. The cypress-tupelo swamp shows only occasional signs of disturbance from logging. Some of the larger cypress trees are 180 to 200 cm in diameter and are estimated to be at least 600 years old. This Natural Area Preserve includes the Charles C. Steirly Natural Area which was donated to the Department of Conservation and Recreation to protect a nesting site for the Great Blue Heron. The natural area consists of 19 acres located on the southern side of the western reach of the Blackwater River in Sussex County. There are historic records of both Great Blue Herons and American Egrets using this area as a nesting site.   http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/natural_heritage/natural_area_preserves/dendron.shtml http://atidewatergardener.blogspot.com/2011_10_01_archive.html


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