Photography Schedule

March of the Trumpets: Making Music with Daffodils

1RhythmA color photo of daffodils in a landscape.
2HarmonyA color photo of a still life with inanimate objects, including a floral arrangement with daffodils as the main component, utilized as a harmonic accompaniment.
3CrescendoA color photo showing the boldness of a daffodil from an unconventional viewpoint or perspective. Creative techniques* are encouraged but not required.
4ImprovisationA close up black & white photo of bulbs, roots or other aspect of the daffodil that does not include the opened flower.
*Creative techniques: The use of manipulation or alteration in any stage of the photographic process to achieve an effect significantly different from the original photograph. All representational images in a manipulated or creative technique photo must be the work of the photographer. Non-representational enhancements such as the addition of purchased textures are allowed.