Lilies in Bloom

Celebrating the Beauty of Lilies in June

The Garden Club of Virginia will celebrate Lilies on Tuesday, June 18, 2019. This horticulture and floral design event will be held at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Goochland and will offer a comprehensive North American Lily Society (NALS) schedule, GCV members only horticulture trophy classes and two GCV Inter Club classes of artistic design.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church
12291 River Road, Goochland
Tuesday, June 18
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Open to the public free of charge.

2018 Trophy Award Winners

# of Individual Horticulture Exhibitors: 30
# of Inter Club Collections: 4
# of Horticulture Stems: 176
# of Horticulture Exhibits: 114 (Blue: 53 Red: 31 Yellow: 23 HM: 7)
AwardDescriptionWinner's NameGarden Club or CityEntry
Eleanor Truax Harris CupBlue Ribbon: Section A, Class 1Katherine BealeHarborfront Garden ClubCollection
The Violet Niles Walker Memorial TrophyBlue Ribbon: Section A, Class 2Not Awarded
Helen Turner Murphy AwardBlue Ribbon: Section A, Class 3The Warrenton Garden ClubCollection
Virginia Ewers Queitzsch Memorial BowlBlue Ribbon: Section A, Class 4Lynn HowerThe Garden Club of the Northern NeckPrince Promise
The North American Lily Society AwardClasses 40 & 41: Pot Grown LiliesPatrick BealeLyndhurst, VANavona
The Robert S. Pickens Memorial AwardClass 42Patricia TurnerFauquier and Loudoun Garden ClubCollection
Eugenia and David Diller Orientation AwardClass 45Joyce MoormanThe Lynchburg Garden ClubCollection
The Sponsor's CupBest Asiatic Hybrid LilyPolly RowleyFauquier and Loudoun Garden ClubMidsumme'rs Eve
The David Diller AwardBest Martagon Hybrid LilyNot Awarded
The Vicki Bowen AwardBest Trumpet Hybrid LilyJane CheadleMill Mountain Garden ClubMidnight Strain
The Sara Ann Lindsey AwardBest Oriental Hybrid LilyNot Awarded
The James A. McKenney AwardBest Longiflorum/Asiatic Hybrid LilyJulia RoseThe Tuckahoe Garden Club of WesthamptonPedara
The Eugenia Diller AwardBest Oriental/Trumpet Hybrid LilyKatherine BealeHarborfront Garden ClubAnastasia
The Lily Committee AwardBest Longiflorum/Oriental Hybrid LilyLynn HowerThe Garden Club of the Northern NeckPrince Promise
The Blanche Rohrer Davis Memorial BowlBest Species LilyKatherine BealeHarborfront Garden ClubL. henryi
The Blue Ridge Garden Club CupClass 48: Best stem grown by NoviceRose Marie BundyThe Tuckahoe Garden Club of WesthamptonSatisfaction
The Ronald J. Chiabotta AwardSingle stem with highest bud count.Joyce MoormanThe Lynchburg Garden Club
Gertrude Cody Minter Memorial AwardBest Lily Stem in showKatherine BealeHarborfront Garden ClubAnastasia

Complete Listing of 2018 Ribbon Winners

A1BlueKatherine BealeCollectionHarborfront
A2RedJoyce MoormanUnnamedLynchburg
A3RedFauquier and LoudounFauquier and Loudoun
A3YellowNorthern NeckCollectionNorthern Neck
A4BlueLynn HowerPrince PromiseNorthern Neck
A4RedHelen MurphyTriumphatorNorthern Neck
A4WhiteLaura CrumbleyPearl JenniferLynchburg
A4WhiteRose Marie BundySatisfactionTuckahoe
A4WhiteTerry ChandlerLandiniWinchester-Clarke
A4YellowJoyce MoormanPearl JenniferLynchburg
B5BlueJoyce MoormanChicago RedLynchburg
B5BlueJoyce MoormanChespeake MoonstoneLynchburg
B5BlueLynn HowerGiraffeNorthern Neck
B5BluePatsy SmithLionhheartWinchester-Clarke
B5BlueSue McNeelyPollyannaRivanna
B5RedSue McNeelyPieton 1aRivanna
B6BlueCathy CappsTribal DanceHillside
B6BlueJoyce MoormanSalmon PinwheelLynchburg
B6BlueJoyce MoormanPearl JenniferLynchburg
B6BluePatrick BealeIowa RoseN/A
B6BluePolly RowleyYellow PinwheelFauquier and Loudoun
B6BlueSue McNeelySun ValleyRivanna
B6RedJoyce MoormanEasy WaltzLynchburg
B6RedLaura CrumbleyPearl JenniferLynchburg
B6RedPatsy SmithSalmon PinwheelWinchester-Clarke
B6RedPatsy SmithYellow PinwheelWinchester-Clarke
B6YellowJonathan LangYellow PinwheelN/A
B6YellowVirginia VinyardSalmon PinwheelMill Mountain
B7BlueJoyce MoormanJack O'LanternLynchburg
B7BluePatrick BealeTiger BabiesN/A
B7BluePolly RowleyMidsummer's EveFauquier and Loudoun
B7RedJane HammondNight FlyerDolley Madison
B7YellowPatsy SmithTiger BabiesWinchester-Clarke
B14BlueJane CheadleMidnight StrainMill Mountain
B18BlueJoyce MoormanPirandelloLynchburg
B18BlueJoyce MoormanRoyal SunsetLynchburg
B18BlueJulia RosePedaraTuckahoe
B18BluePatsy SmithClubhouseWinchester-Clarke
B18BluePatsy SmithIcebergWinchester-Clarke
B18BluePatsy SmithIndian SummersetWinchester-Clarke
B18RedJoyce MoormanPedaraLynchburg
B18RedPatrick BealeRoyal SunsetN/A
B18YellowJane CheadleRoyal SunsetMill Mountain
B18YellowNancy PhilpottKentuckyGarden Study
B18YellowPatsy SmithSweet SugarWinchester-Clarke
B18YellowPattie MotleyAladdin's SunChatham
B18YellowVirginia VinyardArbataxMill Mountain
B19BlueJoyce MoormanSilk RoadLynchburg
B19BlueKatherine BealeFlashpointHarborfront
B19RedKatherine BealeLesothoHarborfront
B20BlueAnita TadlockPrince PromiseNorthern Neck
B20RedHelen MurphyTriumphatorNorthern Neck
B20RedJoyce MoormanPrince PromiseLynchburg
B20WhiteAnita TadlockRed VelvetNorthern Neck
B20WhiteKathie HaasUnknownBoxwood
C23BlueLockett Van VoorhisSalmon PinwheelWinchester-Clarke
C23RedLaura CrumbleySalmon PinwheelLynchburg
C23YellowJane HammondUnknownDolley Madison
C24BlueJoyce MoormanUnnamedLynchburg
C35BluePatsy SmithUnknownWinchester-Clarke
D39BlueKatherine BealeL. HenryiHarborfront
D39YellowPattie MotleyEaster LilyChatham
E41BluePatrick BealeNavonaN/A
E41RedPatrick BealeAdantageN/A
E41YellowJane HammondOrange MarmaladeChatham
F42BluePat TurnerCollectionFauquier and Loudoun
F42RedKarla MacKimmieCollectionWarrenton
F42YellowElizabeth Chapman-MemeryCollectionHunting Creek
H45BlueJoyce MoormanCollectionLynchburg
I46BlueCatherine GillespieAbbeville PrideDolley Madison
I46BlueCatherine GillespieTiger BabiesDolley Madison
I46BlueHelen MurphyTriumphatorNorthern Neck
I46BlueJane CheadleOrtegaMill Mountain
I46BlueJane CheadleGeorge's StarMill Mountain
I46BlueJoyce MoormanPirandelloLynchburg
I46BlueJoyce MoormanGiraffeLynchburg
I46BlueJoyce MoormanRoyal SunsetLynchburg
I46BlueJulia RoseSalmon PinwheelTuckahoe
I46BlueKatherine BealeAnastasiaHarborfront
I46BlueKatherine BealeCarte BlancheHarborfront
I46BlueLaurie McCordPrince PromiseNorthern Neck
I46BlueMercer O'HaraMidnight StrainNorthern Neck
I46BluePatrick BealeYellow PinwheelN/A
I46BluePatrick BealeAladdin's SunN/A
I46BluePatsy SmithClubhouseWinchester-Clarke
I46BluePenny DartIcebergWarrenton
I46BluePolly RowleyPearl JenniferFauquier and Loudoun
I46RedCathy CappsSalmon PinwheelHillside
I46RedHelen MurphyFusionNorthern Neck
I46RedHelen MurphySaltarelloNorthern Neck
I46RedJane CheadleMidnight StrainMill Mountain
I46RedJonathan LangTrogonN/A
I46RedJoyce MoormanBlack BartLynchburg
I46RedJoyce MoormanYellow PinwheelLynchburg
I46RedJulia RoseUnknownTuckahoe
I46RedKarla MacKimmieArbataxWarrenton
I46RedKatherine BealeUnknownHarborfront
I46RedKathryn AngusBoxwood
I46RedPatsy SmithIcebergWinchester-Clarke
I46RedVirginia VinyardSalmon ClassicMill Mountain
I46WhiteJonathan LangNight FlyerN/A
I46YellowCatherine GillespieAlgarveDolley Madison
I46YellowCathy CappsCafé LatteHillside
I46YellowCathy CappsRoyal SunsetHillside
I46YellowJonathan LangSalmon PinwheelN/A
I46YellowJoyce MoormanPrince PromiseLynchburg
I46YellowKathryn AngusArbataxBoxwood
I46YellowPatrick BealeNight FlyerN/A
I46YellowPatsy SmithBrindisiWinchester-Clarke
J48BlueRose Marie BundySatisfactionTuckahoe
J48RedKathryn AngusPedaraBoxwood
J48YellowKathryn AngusArbataxBoxwood