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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Garden Club of Virginia (GCV). We were founded in 1920 and are the oldest environmental organization in the commonwealth. GCV is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with all contributions tax deductible and used to support the conservation of Virginia’s natural resources and to protect, restore and preserve historic landscapes and gardens. 

You may choose to support the general mission or designate your gift to sustain the endowment, support conservation initiatives and more. Every gift is important to the mission.  

Read the 2020-2021 Annual Report.

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Complete the form below in a safe and secure on-line transaction with your credit or debit card OR you may print a contribution form and mail your check to the Garden Club of Virginia, 12 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219.  

Scroll down to learn more about each of these five primary funds that support the important work of the Garden Club of Virginia.

Annual Fund

GCV’s Annual Fund was established in 2009 and helps support daily operations for staffing, projects and programs management, accounting, finances, communications, and more. Member dues cover only a portion of the budget needed to maintain effective and responsive operations of our statewide organization.  This fund creates a stable base of support for the business of GCV and helps to keep member dues low; provides for enhanced communication via the GCV website and for publications such as the Journal and Year in Review; assures current technology; offers guidance and direction for Historic Garden Week; and help and support to member clubs. Be a yearly supporter of the Annual Fund. Donors for three or more consecutive years are recognized as “Perennials.”  And we all love those steadfast bloomers!  

GCV Endowment

The GCV Endowment was established in 1998 and might be described as the fund to grow on whereas the Annual Fund could be described as the fund to live on.  The Endowment is set aside to provide on-going support to the organization through limited use that is carefully monitored and wisely budgeted to protect the corpus for long term furtherance of the GCV mission well into its second century of service.

Common Wealth Award Fund

This fund was established in 1979 and gifts annual grants to support and promote the community projects of members clubs with areas of focus in conservation, beautification, horticulture, preservation and education. Its name is plays on Virginia’s designation as a Commonwealth and was intended to describe the wealth in nature that is common to all Virginians.  Conservation Fund

This fund supports several conservation efforts. 

  • Advocacy - As an early advocate of protecting the environment, GCV stands today in support of a number of current legislative efforts in the Virginia Assembly including bills to address climate change and coastal resiliency, clean energy opportunities, conservation and protection of natural resources, preservation of historic viewsheds, and more.  
  • Educational programming - GCV holds an annual Conservation Forum to educate and inform the membership and public on best practices and individual impact with recycling, use of compostable products, management of run off, limiting fertilizers and pesticides, use of organic products, planting and propagating natives, and more. 
  • Fellowships – The Conservation and Environmental Studies Fellowship was established in 2014 to support college level research projects in areas that directly impact Virginia.  


  • Research Fellowship – The Conservation and Environmental Studies Fellowship is  designed to provide college students in Virginia the opportunity to work and conduct research under professional guidance toward ultimately generating their findings to benefit their field of study and beyond.  
  • Advocacy - As an early advocate for protection of the environment, GCV stands today in support of annual legislative efforts in the Virginia Assembly regarding climate change and coastal resiliency, clean energy opportunities, conservation and protection of natural resources, preservation of historic viewsheds, and more.   
  • Educational programming – An annual Conservation Forum educates and informs the membership and public on best practices and the individual impact possible with recycling, use of compostable products, management of run off, limiting fertilizers and pesticides, use of organic products, the planting and propagating of natives, and more. 


GCV’s Annual Historic Garden Week (HGW) provides funding to restore landscapes and gardens of historical interest across the Commonwealth. The first restoration was in 1929 at Kenmore in Fredericksburg with proceeds from the signature HGW event. There have been more than 50 such projects and each garden is now open to the public. Funding also supports two fellowships in landscape architecture, designed to provide graduate level students the opportunity to document historic landscapes.

Other Designated Funds

In addition to these five primary funds, there are also other designated funds to address specific programs, restoration and preservation work such as preservation of the Kent Valentine House, Virginia State Parks, and more.

Other ways to make a gift:

Planned Giving

Help build financial resources to carry GCV into the next century. Planned or "legacy" giving is a way for donors to ensure that the GCV remains strong for the work of future generations. Planned Giving offers the donor a way to make substantial gifts without depleting income or retirement assets while also reaping significant tax advantages. Will bequests, insurance beneficiary designation and gift annuities are some planned approaches. 

A planned gift also distinguishes one as a member of the Green Arrow Society. Named for one of GCV’s enduring and familiar symbols, this is a group of loyal members, past members, and friends who have pointed the way to a 2nd century of service with their planned gifts. Just as the GCV’s green arrow signage has directed hundreds of thousands of visitors along Historic Garden Week in Virginia's tour routes for 80 years, members of the Green Arrow Society are helping point the way to a bright and sustainable future for the GCV.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Historic Garden Week in Virginia (HGW) is the oldest and largest statewide house tour in the nation, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to communities across Virginia each year. All tour proceeds fund the restoration and preservation of Virginia’s historic landscapes and gardens. Benefits for sponsors include Historic Garden Week in Virginia Guidebook recognition (circulation 80,000), links and recognition on the Historic Garden Week in Virginia website (one million unique hits), complimentary statewide passes, and other promotional opportunities.

The GCV Annual Conservation Forum presents expert panels and nationally recognized speakers to address Virginia’s current environmental challenges. The GCV is committed to providing education and facilitating public dialogue in the belief that these are necessary elements for enacting balanced policies that are economically and environmentally sound. The forum, which is open to the public, is held in November at various locations around the commonwealth. Organizations partnering in the recent past include Monticello, the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Richmond. Past topics have included the effects of wide-use pesticides, Virginia’s ban on uranium mining, waterway health and climate change.

Stock Transfer

Gifts of stock are fully tax deductible and based on the fair market value of the stock on the date it is transferred to GCV.  To initiate a transfer, notify your broker or bank that you would like to donate the stock to GCV and have them contact us for detailed instructions.

IRA Transfer

If you are 70-1/2 years or older you can make a gift through your IRA payout. The Charitable IRA Rollout allows you to give up to $100,000 each year to a charity of your choice.

Matching Funds

Your employer may match your annual charitable contribution. The Garden Club of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) organization and so eligible to receive matching funds from corporations. If you or your spouse’s company participates in a matching gift program, make your gift to the GCV today and coordinate a matching gift with the company.

For more information about any of these options please contact the GCV Executive Director, phone at 804-643-4137 or by email at

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