Artistic Show

Creative Beauty in Artistic Floral Design

...inspired by science and applied to artistic creations

Class 1 Scientific Inspiration
Choose from Synergisitic (6 entries) or Parallel (6 entries).
Class 2 Elements in Motion
Choose from Mobile Kinetic (6 entries) or Stabile Kinetic (6 entries).
Class 3 Beauty in Beakers
Choose from Stretch (4 entries) or Echo (4 entries).
Class 4 Flowers and the Periodic Table (Inter Club)
Choose from Illuminary (7 entries) or Reflective (7 entries).

Classes 1-3 are open to individuals or groups. Inter Club Class 4 is open to GCV member clubs only. Arrangements in classes 1, 2 and 4 will be displayed on a 12” square, 42” high gray pedestal. Arrangements may not extend more than 6 inches on either side. Class 3 arrangements, not to exceed 24″ width, will be displayed on a table. No height limitations.

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