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Symposium Volunteers

Gather your friends and join the fun as we prepare for our 2018 Fall Symposium. Please select from the options below to sign up.

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.

Volunteer Task Descriptions

Artistic Tabulation: Assist judging teams, fill out award cards, record judging results on spreadsheet, place award cards, assist with voting for major awards.

Properties Setup: Cover tables, set up classes with ribbon dividers, place signage, decor.

Properties Breakdown: Empty bottles and dispose of exhibits, collect and pack signage, bottles, tablecloths, etc. Stage properties for pickup by Hilldrup.

Greeters: Be available at the front door to assist exhibitors by directing them to the prep room and helping them unload horticulture.

Horticulture Registration and Tabulation: Work with Catherine Madden and Elizabeth Hutter to log in all passed entries. Assist with subdivision of classes if needed. Help direct horticulture placement. At the end of registration on Wednesday, tally the number of entries and entrants. Fill out award cards, record all winners in spreadsheet, produce awards listing spreadsheet, place award cards, assist with People's Choice award counting. Determine sweepstakes winner.

Workroom Setup: Unpack and organize supplies, place signage, fill bottles, set up water station,etc.

Workroom Breakdown: Inventory, pack and organize supplies, empty water from bottles, mark and stage supplies to be picked up by Hilldrup.

Workroom Help: Work with Wendy Walker and Susie Brown to assist exhibitors with supplies. Help them if needed by walking exhibits through the passing procedure. Keep work room organized and neat, cleaning as necessary.

Information/Check In Table: Check in artistic arrangements, check in volunteers, give directions and answer questions.