Conservation Funding

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Garden Club of Virginia, the oldest environmental organization in Virginia. For 100 years, the GCV has supported statewide conservation and beautification efforts, ranging from billboard removal and pollinator protection to air, water and land conservation. Your gift to the Conservation Fund supports these continuing efforts and provides funding for programming, awards and fellowships.

The Garden Club of Virginia's Conservation Forum has been held annualy for 62 years to present wide-ranging views concerning topics of environmental interest and to present awards to deserving recipients. The GCV Conservation and Environmental Studies Fellowship was established in 2014 to support research in conservation and environmental studies that will directly impact the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Bessie Bocock Carter Award, established in 2009, funds implementation of a conservation project that will serve as a catalyst for community action. It is a monetary award for natural resource conservation or environmental protection within the Commonwealth.

Thank you for your support. The Garden Club of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions are tax deductible.