The Mill Mountain Garden Club received the Bessie Bocock Carter Award for its project, “Scoop the Poop.” This campaign is an ongoing public awareness program to educate the community about the effects of pet waste on our waterways. When rain washes pet feces into our creeks and rivers, the bacteria in this fecal matter makes the water unsafe for drinking and swimming. The Mill Mountain Garden Club members had 500 magnets printed to advertise their message, “Scoop the Poop.” These magnets will be given to dog owners who sign a pledge promising to pick up their pet’s waste. The Mill Mountain Garden Club is also working with Roanoke Parks and Recreation Department to place signage and pet waste bag dispensers with compostable bags on the Greenway and in parks around the Roanoke Valley. Congratulations to the Mill Mountain Garden Club for initiating a true community conservation project.

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