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Board of Governers Horticulture Exhibit Schedule – "Protecting the Waters of our Commonwealth”

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Casual Contemporay Design Part 1 (14 minute video)

Casual Contemporay Design Part 2 (6 minute video)

HGW Suggested Plant Material List & Flower Arranging Tips 

Please Note: The GCV Judges by District may be found under Member Resources / Artistic Design

GCV Judges Annual Record Form

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Visit 2020 Virtual Daffodil Day Website (Artistic Design, Photography, Historic Daffodils and Daffodis A to Z)

Photographing Artistic Designs for the 2021 Virtual Daffodil Day Show. PDF


Resources / Downloads


Item Media Type Size
Pollinator Protection 270 KB
Daffodil Horticulture
Lily Horticulture
Rose Horticulture
Exhibiting and Judging Horticulture
Julia Clevett's Horticulture Workshop Notes

Artistic Design

Item Media Type Size
Traditional Floral Styles and Designs 4 MB
Contemporary Floral Styles and Designs 2 MB
Interpretive Design 981 KB
Principles and Elements of Design and Study Materials 3 MB
Artistic Design Photographs (Flickr)

Show Archives

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Daffodil Show Archives
Rose Show Archives
Symposia Archives
Lilies in Bloom - June 18, 2019 621 KB

Flower Show Resources

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Becoming a GCV Judge 112 KB
Entering a GCV Flower Show - Artistic Design 86 KB
Entering a GCV Flower Show - Horticulture 161 KB
Lily Show Archives
GCV Flower Show Awards 71 KB