To celebrate the beauty of the land...

Flower Shows

... to provide educational opportunities

The Garden Club of Virginia sponsors nationally accredited flower shows each year, providing educational opportunities in horticulture, arranging and judging. Shows are hosted by member clubs on a rotating basis, and affiliations with the American Daffodil Society, the American Rose Society, and the North American Lily Society provide horticulture standards for each respective show. The host club for a particular show is responsible for all aspects of the show.




Resources / Downloads

Flower Show Handbooks

  Item Media Type Size
Floral Styles and Designs 728 KB
Floral Design Photographs (Flickr)
Principles and Elements of Design 348 KB
Additional Study Materials 747 KB

Entering a Flower Show

  Item Media Type Size
Entering a Flower Show 160 KB
Artistic Inter Club Assignments 168 KB

Hosting a Flower Show

  Item Media Type Size
Hosting a Flower Show 1 MB
Hosting a Flower Show: Reference Material

Judging a Flower Show

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Becoming a Judge and Judging a Flower Show 484 KB