To celebrate the beauty of the land...

Floral Design

... to provide educational opportunities

The Garden Club of Virginia hosts floral exhibits, schools and workshops each year, providing educational opportunities for arrangers and artistic judges. Plans are currently underway for our 2017-2018 garden year.

Upcoming Floral Design Events

  • The Garden Club of Virginia will host a multi-venue Fall Symposium 2017 with 30 artistic exhibits created by GCV members at the Kent-Valentine House. The Symposium will include Flower Arranging School and a hands-on workshop at the Bolling Haxall House. Visit http://www.gcvsymposium.org/ for details.
  • The Daffodil Show and Fair is scheduled for March 28, 2018 with artistic exhibits at the Kent-Valentine House.

Resources / Downloads

Floral Design Handbooks

  Item Media Type Size
Floral Styles and Designs 728 KB
Floral Design Photographs (Flickr)
Principles and Elements of Design 348 KB
Additional Study Materials 747 KB

Daffodil, Lily and Rose

  Item Media Type Size
Daffodil Resources and Show Archives
Lily Resources and Show Archives
Rose Resources and Show Archives

Judging a Flower Show

  Item Media Type Size
Becoming a Judge and Judging a Flower Show 484 KB